Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Walk in the Woods
Christmastime in Vienna

It had snowed through the night,
Vienna awoke to a winter wonderland

Snow turned to heavy rain
before noon, White Christmas melting away

Nonetheless, an intrepid friend and I
decided to brave the rain,
and have lunch in the woods anyway

We walked through the woods
of the Lainzer Game Reserve,
to Empress Elisabeth's Hermes Villa
and enjoyed our feast

By feast's end, my intrepid friend and I
turned into meek mice, fearful of rain,
but were saved by a restaurant elf -
who gave us a ride, all the way back to our car

Photographed 23 December 2012
Lainz Game Reserve and Restaurant at Hermes Villa
Lainzer Tiergarten
13th District (Hietzing)

Images and Text © Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. These are just beautiful and like a winter wonderland!

  2. It always is a lovely, enjoyable winter wonderland until the sleet and ice arrive. Taking a break with a friend is always a good idea. Your photos depict the area and weather very well.

  3. I'm reading a book about a hard winter right now. I can use a couple of these pics for the visuals. :)

  4. Lovely photographs, but my favourite is the first one.

  5. What a lovely spot for a feast and how very kind of one to give you and your friend a ride back to your that is what I call thoughtful with class~

  6. How beautiful....I am anxiously awaiting for snow here but we are getting warm temperatures at the moments. Odd. Your photos are marvellous.

  7. So pretty with the snow, and love that warming feast after. The perfect walk!

  8. Wow. These images are dreamy. Especially the first one.

  9. It's beautiful. Truly a winter wonderland.

  10. Beautiful shots!

    Here we can count on the snow to stay around...

  11. Thank you all very much for your kind comments, I so enjoy reading them, see you coming! :-)

  12. so much prettier than the snow we are getting right now .. sigh

  13. Oh how I would love to walk in that magical wood and finish it off with dinner with a best friend.

  14. Happy New Year, Merisi!!! Wishing you much happiness and prosperity in 2017.

  15. Happy New Year, Merisi!!! Wishing you much happiness and prosperity in 2017.

  16. Your photos remind me of Robert Frost's poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Really lovely images.


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