Tuesday 15 November 2016

Jugendstil and Street Style
Viennese Moments

Hohe Brücke
Railing at stairs leading down to Tiefer Graben
Wipplinger Straße
© by Merisi

-> Hohe Brücke - High Bridge at Wipplinger Straße:
A bridge over Tiefer Graben at Wipplinger Straße was first mentioned in 1295.
Back then, it served to cross the Ottakring ditch, now Tiefer Graben street.
Over the course of the passing centuries, it was renovated several times, and adapted to various architectural stiles. Its latest incarnation dates back to the Jugendstil period, when it was rebuilt from 1904 to 1905 under plans by Josef Hackhofer.


  1. He's quite eclectically dressed.

  2. The railing's design really catches the eye. Funny that the pedestrian shares a style with many young New Yorkers. xo


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