Tuesday 29 November 2016

Into the Blue Hour at Cafè Menagerie
Coffee at Prince Eugene's Belvedere, anyone?

Café Menagerie
A warm welcome at dusk in one
of the most beautiful summer residences ever built

A luxurious refuge
where hushed voices reign

Outside, down Belvedere hill,
the city dressed for the Blue Hour

One last look, from the outside,
then homewards, under the nascent moon

Good night, moon,
from Vienna!

Cafè Menagerie
Upper Belvedere Palace
3rd District
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Homepage Cafè Menagerie, Upper Belvedere Palace
-> Wikipedia: Prince Eugene's Belvedere Summer Residence


  1. Quite an inviting, beautiful place to stop for a drink!

  2. Exquisite light on Vienna's rich tapestry.

  3. I like the ornate door and the sparkling chandelier.

  4. Oh my that is elegant, I'd love to sip my hot chocolate relaxing there...

  5. What gorgeous colours! Very inviting place.

  6. lovely ... especially that moon ...

  7. I love the warm bright colours:) Yes, one day...

  8. Hi Merisi, I'm catching up on lots of your posts after being away for so long. The beauty of fall in Vienna is a soothing respite from all of the unsettling news that's dominating my social media feeds. The chandelier, the produce, the coffee elsewhere - all of it! Your photos are good for the soul!


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