Sunday 4 September 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things
Viennese Moments off the beaten Path

Early Mornings at Prince Eugene's Belvedere
I love to walk in the gardens of the prince on early mornings -
no matter the season -and feel elevated above all the worries of the world.

I don't know if it is the location on a hill that galvanises me,
the sheer beauty of the palaces and gardens - filled with mysterious sfinges and old-fashioned flowers -
or my love for Prince Eugene of Savoy who employed artists from many countries
to create such wondrous beauty, coming to us through the centuries.

Same day, late morning, almost lunchtime -
less than a half hour's D-tram ride from the Belvedere -
late breakfast in good company, in a little square
in front of a church. It feels like a storybook village,
far away from the bustle of a city. Doctor Freud lived a block away,
his spirit's still around, I can feel it, while I stir my coffee.

A different point of view, the church in my back now,
looking at the Café Conditorei - pastry shop - where I have been sitting.
The church bells will soon ring in the noon hour.

Yet another view of the Serviten church square,
also from the outdoor terrace of a café, which goes to show
the sheer endless possibilities of finding a place to sit down,
relax, read, write postcards, in cosmopolitan Vienna, yet far from the crowds.

Photographed 31 August 2015
at the Belvedere in the 3rd District
and at Servitenplatz in the 9th
All Images and Text © by Merisi

One more reason to visit the Belvedere:

South Facade of Prince Eugene's Upper Belvedere Palace
In the foreground, one of artist Ai Weiwei's giant bronze Zodiac Heads
installed around the reflecting pool of the Upper Belvedere Palace.
Ai Weiwei's "F-Lotus" installation of a thousand life wests floating
on the water is a work created in response to the refugee crisis
-> #aiww21 - AI WEIWEI
translocation – transformation at 21er Haus, Vienna

-> Homepage: Belvedere Museums


  1. Thanks for the lovely tour. So much to see and enjoy everyday.
    Have a great weekend Merisi!

  2. I would enjoy spending time at the Belvedere if I lived there! Beautiful shots.

  3. Dear Merisi, I can completely understand why you would wish to visit the Belvedere again and again. Isn't it grand that the Prince set something of such beauty in motion that is still being enjoyed today?

    The second stop later on during the day at the cafe also interests me greatly. You are a splendid tour guide. How wonderful to also have that amazing Viennese light.


  4. Wish I'd seen it for myself but your photos are a great stand-in. Thanks. That Zodiac head in the last beautiful photo looks very startled as if he didn't see you until he heard the camera shutter!

  5. Awesome pics.Thanks for sharing .

  6. Your pictures are just....magic! Love them! What a place to visit :)
    Hug from Titti

  7. Merisi, you live in such a beautiful place.
    Love the pictures.
    Oh how I wish we could sit and enjoy coffee in a cafe' together.

  8. I'd love to sit down and have a coffee with you in such a beautiful place..

  9. It looks amaizing! Near of this place I have escape room so I can visit it every day!


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