Saturday 20 August 2016

Viennese Dogs, Annatorte, Apple Strudel,
and Rubbish Bin on my Mind

Viennese Melange
Fächertorte, Coffee-Nut-Torte,
Annatorte, Apple Strudel
Demel, where else? ;-)

Early Saturday Morning
A dog's life, at Demel

Love the Storefront
What about the trash can?
Not so much. How 'bout you?

Photographed on a Saturday morning in August 2013
during a whirlwind Demel visit and a jog around some hidden corners
of the Inner City, with friends from the USA
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Dear beloved Readers:
    I have been a bit spotty lately. Everything's fine, quite the opposite!
    I spent three glorious days with old friends from back home in the States, on the occasion of the wedding of a young friend we have known since she was a little girl. I enjoyed every minute of it, it was incredible fun, so much joy and happiness all around, I wished I could have shared it with you, too!
    A few family matters that need to be tended to, plus travels to Italy that need to be planned, and here I am, my head has a hard time coming up with a blog post that is maybe half as good as I would like it to be.
    Thank you for staying with me and being such good blog friends,
    yours always,
    P.S.: My English is going down the drain! It felt so immensely good to have English speaking friends around for a few days. I really miss that a lot.

    1. Among other things, I was also busy supervising the installation of a new L-shaped desk (glass!). So far, it took two visits by the delivery people (who are wonderful) and there will be another one since even after the second try, the company that sold the desk was not able to complete delivery. They are .... oh, well ..... I am just very happy to finally have a real desk!

    2. Hi Merisi , We ALL need to take time out from blogging , Friends and Family matter and time out is good for us all ,, I used to worry about it , and wonder if anyone would come back ,, (especially when I was away for months after being ill) ,, If you love a blog , like we do yours , you always keep an eye on it ,, take care love from Oxfordshire

    3. Thank you, Anne, very sweet of you! xxx

    4. Merisi - share what you like, I'm dying for pictures!
      Love, CPK (the bride =) )

    5. Merisi - share what you like, I'm dying for pictures!
      Love, CPK (the bride =) )

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy but lovely time :)

    I love these pictures btw. They make me wish I was there.

  3. It does indeed sound like a busy, fun week, Merisi, and it's always good to see and be able to spend time with old friends!! I love your pics for the day, too, as always! Enjoy!!


  5. I am so playing catch up with some of my favorite blogs and I must say, I am pleased that I am succeeding at it today ;) Those cakes looks so delightful, and I am thinking my little protein bar is just not going to taste so good now~

  6. Merisi, your August travels and other activities show that the living is not always Easy (without challenges) in the Summertime, no matter what one's personal circumstances might be.

    Bravo to you, and many thanks for keeping your post's readers (like me) in mind. You've a generous spirit, dear Merisi.


  7. Thank you, Juju, Sylvia, Gina, Mary, and Frances!
    I appreciate that you took the time to leave such kind comments,


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