Tuesday 23 August 2016

Cappuccino in Padova
Drinking Coffee elsewhere

Drogheria Chemist's Shop
A shop window like a painting by an old master

White Clover
Immense piazza in the heart of the city

Great Italian Cappuccino
The real thing, at Bar Le Maschere

Photographed with my mobile phone in Padova, Italy
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. The clover is dazzling in that setting.

  2. the chemist's window is very colourful and attractive, nice perspective on the clover in the piazza and of course coffee. The day wouldn't be complete without cups of coffee :)

  3. I have noticed lots of clover, white and pink, over in Central Park this summer. I don't remember so much from past years and keep meaning to ask one of the Park gardeners about the planting.

    The chemist's window is a dreamy vision. I gazed at it for a long time. Is it usual for artists to find their supplies in chemist shops? Or is that particular chemist an artist. There is a story beginning with this image. xo

  4. That is a lot of clover! And the coffee looks just as delicious in Italy as it does in Vienna.

  5. My dream is to someday drink a cappuccino in Italy. I shouldn't limit my European travel to France!

  6. First I looked at the coffee image, then the window, and at the end I thought your image from the field also was nice and pleasant.
    Enjoy whatever is left of summer:)


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