Tuesday 26 July 2016

Coffee, anyone?
Once Upon a Time, at Hollmann Salon

Served on the outdoor terrace of Hollmann Salon
a magical place, at Heiligenkreuzerhof, gone now.
I still miss it, and not only on hot summer days.

Photographed in the summer of 2010
Image and Text © by Merisi


  1. I tried a new cafe yesterday as my favorite place is closed for a few weeks. Went back today and was treated to a free juice by the owner.

  2. Expresso doesn't suit me. But the photograph does.

  3. Nice pic, and I agree with some laments. When the Lehmann patisserie vanished from the Graben I was much saddened. I particularly miss the little tea house which was direct across from Demel.
    Your fine pictures evoke good memories of Wien.

  4. I know the feeling...
    Not that we have a huge choice of coffee places like you have.
    " A friendly & nice place, with good coffee served with a smile, is like a very good friend,
    and sad when gone....


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