Thursday 21 April 2016

Morning in the City
250 Years of the Prater

In the early Morning Light
Scene at Vienna's Prater this morning
Image © Merisi

"The Emperor's proclamation went out on 7 April 1766:
"It is hereby announced to all [...] that henceforth and from and now,
everyone without distinction shall be permitted to walk, ride and drive freely in the Prater
and the Stadtgut at all times of the year and at all hours of the year [...], and that
nobody shall be barred from enjoying themselves with balloon hitting, bowling,
and other permitted entertainments to their liking [...]."
Thus did the six square kilometer hunting ground of the Habsburgs
become an entertainment and recreation area for all residents of Vienna.
Quotes from VIENNA NOW OR NEVER: 250 years of the Prater
Link: -> VIENNA NOW OR NEVER: Events during the anniversary year


  1. It looks like a good place to spend time in. The dog would agree, I expect!

  2. Merisi, it's grand that the proclamation is still in place. What a lovely place to be shared. xo


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