Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Small Gloriette Pavilion in the Woods
Hidden Treasures of Schönbrunn

Kleine Gloriette at Sunset
Gardens of Schönbrunn
13th District (Hietzing)

Photographed 5 February 2016
© by Merisi
-> The Small Gloriette at Schönbrunn:
"Situated in the middle of the woods on Schönbrunn Hill near the Maria Theresa Gate lies the Small Gloriette, a tower-like two storeyed pavilion which was built around 1775, probably to designs by Isidor Canevale."
> Black and White Wednesday


  1. ooo, not seen this one before in the palais grounds. Interesting. B and W suits the isolation of the small tower.
    Kein melange hier?

    1. Hello! :-)
      You'd have to hike up to the Gloriette, then walk southeast (it's right near the Maria-Theresia-Gate).
      Nein, keine Melange there. ;-) There is a hot dog stand right outside the gate, maybe they have coffee too.

  2. Boy it looks more contemporary then 1775.I adore any small or LARGE building in the garden!

    1. Yes, it's an interesting observation! Not what one expects from Baroque or Rococo design.


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