Friday 19 February 2016

Coffee, anyone?
Café Viennois at Chez Fred

Café Viennois
Espresso served in a demitasse cup
topped with whipped cream

Café Chez Fred
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 174
A ten-minute walk from Gustav Klimt's last studio at Feldmühlgasse
and five minutes from Egon Schiele last residence and studio
13th District (Ober St. Veit, Hietzing)

Photographed with my mobile
Image and Text © by Merisi

-> Chez Fred
-> Klimt's last studio at Feldmühlgasse
-> Egon Schiele's Studio at Hietzinger Hauptstraße 101 (Schiele last residence is across the street)
-> Black and White Wednesday


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