Saturday, 12 September 2015

Coffee on my Mind
Viennese Moments in Red

Red Lipstick
and a dreamy expression

perchance, of hopping
on a red Vespa
and riding
to the next coffeehouse?

Asking for
un buon caffé con la panna?
Espresso with whipped cream,
that is.

Are you coming

Photographed at
Chanel, Kohlmarkt,
and Segafredo, Hütteldorf
September 2010
Images and text © by Merisi

In the mood for a ride on a Vespa?
Watch these scenes from Nanni Moretti movies,
the great Italian actor director driving through Rome,
beyond the usual tourist destinations:
"Il Diario" (one of my favorite movies ever!) and
"Pasticciere Trotzkista" (with a "sweet" finale,
perfect with un caffé con la panna!).
Enjoy! :-)
R e p o s t


  1. I must get an nice big bow for my hair, just like that! I'll wear it while riding my Vespa to meet some friends for coffee.... :-)

  2. That last shot really stands out beautifully!

  3. Love the coffee shot and probably the coffee as Well! The Vespa looks gorgeous, in always on the lookout for red one to photograph as well....

  4. Don't forget "Roman Holiday"!!

  5. giving Parisienne red a run for its euro!


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