Wednesday 5 August 2015

Coffee, anyone?
Summer in Vienna

I like to be
under the tree

in Mochi's garden,
spring and summer

Mobile phone images
© by Merisi


  1. Love the little bench with the metal work, how cute.

  2. Will be in Vienna in December, so looking forward to exploring this beautiful city! (And eating sachertorte! :-) )

  3. Lovey pictures Merisi, you are the Queen of 'still lifes'. Put a coffee cup and cake in front of you and you'll create a masterpiece...

  4. Merisi, may I give you an update on my appreciation of your recent photograph of an almond/apricot tart? After Elizabeth and I visited our favorite farmers market today, we stopped into a nearby cafe, and I did order the almond/apricot tart on offer, with a cooling and refreshing iced latte. Not quite up to Viennese coffee house standards, but I did think of you when I placed my order with the young waiter.


  5. Yes, please! I would love to have a coffee there...
    It´s always nice visiting your blog Merisi!
    Love Titti

  6. that does not look comfortable .. i have zero fat in the posterior area of my body .. my tush needs a comfy place to set ... but i think i could manage to sit through one coffee ... if it was with you!

  7. What good shots. I love the hat rack and coat rack out of copper pipe. Very inventive

  8. You have such beautiful cafes. Wonderful photos!


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