Thursday 9 July 2015

Where the Hills are alive
Viennese Escapes: Salzburg

Salzburg from one of the hills
surrounding the city

Alfresco Lunch
View of Salzburg

Evening on the Lake
Less than an hour
from Salzburg

Photographed in June 2014
with my mobile phone
© Merisi


  1. I find taking pictures with my mobile phone so liberating! No heavy camera to shlep and no thinking when clicking. ;-) I don't even bother with filters or such and love what comes out. I have begun to use my phone camera even for non-Merisi projects.

  2. Terrific captures, Merisi, those mobile phones are wonderful!! Such a lovely place and beautiful view!! Have a great new week!

  3. I'm envious! I'd love to see the area myself. Beautiful shots, Merisi!

  4. The wonderful thing about hills is that they offer such gorgeous views.

  5. The only thing that's missing is breathing the wonderful air of the hills, and the cool breezes that blow. Wonderful shots Merisi. Just goes to show you " it ain't the equipment lasse"

  6. It looks so lovely there. Really enjoy looking at your images.

  7. Lovely pictures Merisi, I have to say you are completely changing my thoughts on Austria, the tourist people should have you on their books you make it look so wonderful :)

    1. Thank you, Geoff!
      I can in good conscience asset that Austria simply IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE - it would be a impossible to ever run out of gorgeous sights. I wished I could share even more of its beauty. The diversity of landscapes is also noteworthy, from Pannonian plains to the highest mountain peaks, the rivers, the hundreds of lakes. And I am only just beginning .... ;-)

  8. Ah, the Wolfgangsee, the place where my husband began to learn German in 1970. Such a beautiful place in a country of beautiful places!

  9. Green, everywhere green (I say from a parched brown land in dry season)!

  10. Anonymous12 July, 2015

    Schau an!

  11. J'aime toutes ces photos qui me replonge dans mon voyage à Salzbourg en avril dernier... En attendant sur ton blog des photos des jardins Mirabel...


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