Thursday 23 July 2015

Making the Mission Possible
World Premiere Morning at the Opera

Vienna State Opera
Rising from the shadows

Behind the Scenes
Working on completing a temporary stage
and the red carpet area

Pink Bunny
Acting stage manager?

Staging a Mega-Event
Hard at work for the world premiere
of "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"
on a temporary IMAX screen at the Vienna State Opera

Photographed around 7 AM
the morning of 23 July 2015
Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Vienna Opera House Goes IMAX for Mission: Impossible: Time-lapse video of the Vienna Opera House being transformed into an IMAX cinema
-> Trailer "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" with scenes shot in Vienna


  1. I bet the production will be wonderful!

    1. I'm sure everyone had great fun. Imagine, iMAX movie in such splendid surroundings. Wished I could have seen it.

  2. The pink bunny is far more interesting than the Walking Ego that is Cruise.

    Beautiful setting, Merisi!

  3. A pink bunny, ok for the occasion I expect but I wouldn't like to see it a regular fixture in you lovely Vienna..

    1. That pink bunny's been around town for some time now. Lightens up the atmosphere, least it get's to serious around here. ;-)

  4. I do love that pink bun bun!

  5. Wow, that would have been a great experience, to see a film being made :-)


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