Saturday 13 June 2015

Vienna in the Morning
Those luminous Days of Summer

Morning in Vienna
Brilliant sunshine,

the light crystal clear,
gone's the haze of early August

Kurt's frozen yogurt
still closed

only a few early birds
leisurely at breakfast

or out for a ride
in the cool morning air

while others just sit and breathe,
waiting for the tour guide
or Godot, who knows?

Photographed Monday 13 August 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi - R e p o s t


  1. Beautiful Vienna! My husband always remembered with gratitude how the city of Vienna let the Hungarian refugees use all public transportation for free when they escaped there after the Revolution in '56. They were not there too long, but he enjoyed exploring the city as an 11 year old boy!

  2. Lovely shots- the horse and carriage shot particularly!

  3. Lovely pictures, the top two remind me off Nice and Canne and I just love the bottom picture!

  4. Godot has quite an ititnerary, as often as he is supposed to come around our place! :)) ♥nic

  5. this past weekend we had the same lovely light ...

  6. The last one: What a great shot! Love it :-)


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