Saturday 27 June 2015

Up at Prince Eugene's
On an Overcast Midsummer Afternoon

Upper Belvedere Palace
South façade and reflecting pool

Linden Trees
Apartment buildings across the street

Looking Southeast
Servants Quarters

Photographed with my mobile phone
on the afternoon of June 2015
© by Merisi
-> Some of Merisi's photographic encounters with Prince Eugene's legacy as patron of the arts


  1. I think it's impossible for this place to look anything but beautiful. Terrific shots!

    1. So true! ;-)
      I was actually there for exercise, nothing beats a strenuous walk down the hill to the Lower Belvedere Palace and then up again, and once more around the reflecting pool. The mood was so other-worldly, I had to snap a few pictures with my phone camera.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth Merisi, there is a very 'other worldly' feel to this pictures. A silence emanates from the image, it's a little spooky but I like them.


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