Wednesday 3 June 2015

Morning in Klimt's Neighborhood
Summertime in the City

Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood
There are times when I feel
like a sort of groupie

Albeit a century late,
left with nothing but

Looking for the colors that
filled Gustav Klimt's palette

In this studio where he painted
canvas after magnificent canvas during his last years

The neighborhood may well
look the same, nothing much changed
since Klimt went on to paint for a higher master

Along the tree-shaded boulevard,
wheat's been planted,

Faint echoes of a more genteel past,
of quaint villages, long grown since into leafy Vorstadt

Photographed 3 June 2015
with my mobile camera
while taking a detour in Klimt's neighborhood
in the 13th District, near the U4 Unter St. Veit station
Images and Text © by Merisi
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  1. A very beautiful Garden. Love those green chairs.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I love this post I need to see more form this area. Big fan of his artowrk. Thank you for the virtual tour.

  3. Merisi, this is a detour that would easily tempt me. It is always a pleasure to see Klimt's neighborhood.

    Many thanks. xo

  4. So very beautiful. How does one live in such a beautiful city? Klimt knew it, felt it and expressed it in his work.

  5. Ah, so beautiful indeed and such a lovely city!! I love the table and chairs, too, and would love to sit there and enjoy some coffee and the view!! Hope your week is going well, Merisi!! Enjoy!

  6. Following in his footsteps is a great idea!

  7. What a wonderful old city, people friendly and inviting.
    I miss historic buildings so much.
    A most-talented artist, it's obvious by your pictures where his inspiration came from.

  8. Looks like a beautiful part of the city, you follow in his footsteps but with a camera instead of a brush..

  9. So much beauty - it's easy to see why an artist would feel inspired. It's nice to hear that not much has changed about the neighborhood. I love what Geoff above said!

  10. Truly sensational, what a beautiful series. Thank you.

  11. James, Williamsburg, Virginia04 June, 2015

    What magnificent color, composition and light to begin my day. You obviously had a wonderful walk the morning of 3 June, 2015! To think that Klimt died at 56, fathered at least 14 children, had numerous relationships with various women and still had time to paint so many wonderful paintings is quite remarkable. Thank you!

  12. I especially love your idea that Klimt went on the paint for a higher master.

  13. what a lovely walk you've taken us on ...


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