Saturday 20 June 2015

Coffee, anyone?
Golden Viennese Moments

Meinl Moor
Façade of the Julius Meinl store
Purveyor of great coffee since 1862
Graben Square

Viennese Melange
Coffee tastes best in company
Café Diglas

Johann Strauss Memorial
The music never stops

Photographed December 2008
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Great captures and I wish I were there enjoying a great cup of coffee and the surrounding beauty!! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Coffee served on a silver platter? I'm putting this on my list for when I visit Vienna someday :)

  3. My dad would love the Strauss memorial- he loves the family's music.

  4. I really like the middle picture, what could be better that a relaxed morning with coffee and a newspaper..

  5. lovely .. i am sipping my espresso/caramel coffee mix this morning as i catch up i would never come by to visit w/o eating first or bringing my own cuppa! xo


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