Monday 27 April 2015

Springtime in Vienna
Living the good Life

The Tram stops here
Opposite side of the street
at tram #58 Dommayer stop

Magnolia Trees
In a shaded frontyard,
some blossoms are still lit by the sun -
magnolias in sunny gardens have lost
already most of their blossom finery
after weeks of brightening city streets and parks

Tulips at the intersection of
Hietzinger Hauptstraße, Lainzer Straße
and Dommayer Gasse, steps from the tram stop

Across the tulip bed,
Café Dommayer, where Johann Strauss
gave his first concert in October of 1844

Wisteria along the one block
we had the walk to reach our lunch destination

Espresso Macchiato, anyone?
A great end to a leisurely outdoor lunch
of grilled fish and spring vegetables

Photographed with my mobile phone
in Alt-Hietzing, a short walk from
Schönbrunn's western gate
Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Ristorante La Grappa (close to Café Dommayer and in walking distance from Schönbrunn)


  1. Oh, those sweeping steps under the magnolias!

  2. Yes, this place is very interesting, I like the photos, beautiful flowers!

    1. Wherever I turned, I could have snapped a glorious scene. Hard to hold back! ;-)

  3. YOU ever tire of your passiagatas!!!!

  4. Beautiful captures of a wonderful Spring day!! I love the flowers and colors!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty and the fun!! Have a great new week!!!

    1. Thank you, and a great week to you, too, Sylvia!

  5. I was almost upset when the temperature hit the mid-seventies today!
    We were lucky, though, many of those spring flowers and blossoms lasted for several weeks, due to cool nights and days in past weeks.

  6. My dad would enjoy the Strauss sculpture! The blossoms and tulips are exquisite!

  7. Truly the good and beautiful life! Such colors!

  8. Lovely pictures, it all looks very beautiful even the coffee...

  9. Oh yes, Merisi, to that offer of the espression macchiato, and many thanks for all these views of Spring's advance on Vienna.

    I've taken another walk eastward over to Park Avenue, and will be posting many of views of the tulips to be found there soon. Thank you for being my Park Avenue tulip muse. xo

  10. i am sipping my coffee as i read, its safer that way, and i am envious of what appears to be warm weather and sunshine ... these images are gorgeous


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