Sunday 19 April 2015

Saturday Morning Farmers Market
Vienna off the Beaten Path

Look, I can cut a Caper!
Whatever, rain or capers,
the farmers market will be open

As the .World. Light turns
Men and their Shopping Car(t)s
Josefstädter Straße Metro Station

Real Women
carry a woven basket

Buy 'em while they're in bud

Pail of Tulips
Focus on red

Lean on me
Sad sack potatoes

Mode of Transportation
Framing the get-away bike

Photographed 18 April 2015
at the Yppen Square Farmers Market
Stalls open around Yppenplatz on
Saturdays from early morning to noon
16th District (Ottakring)
Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Bill Withers, Lean on me


  1. Fun, colorful post for the day, Merisi!! I do love our Markets here! Always a great place to shop!! Hope you have a wonderful new week!!

  2. Quite an eclectic market, Merisi. Our main market stays open all year on Sundays here, but hasn't moved outdoors from its winter quarters yet.

  3. How I love European farmer's markets! Here in Maine we have them too. Those tulip portraits are super!

  4. Merisi, it's hard to figure out where to begin with comments on this marvelous post.

    (So...let me backtrack to lett you know I have left one more message for you back at the McD post.)

    Now, on to your farmers market. It seems so much more exuberantly advanced in its offerings than the one at Union Sq that Elizabeth and I visit. Here it's root veg, apples, baked goods, and lots of potted plants ... flowering and non-flowering, and cut flowers. Oh yes, also eggs, cheeses, fish and some meats.

    I do stick with the fruit, veg and plants. As it's gotten much warmer in the past days (with another plunge today and rain tomorrow) I'm expecting our next visit to Union Sq to be much more interesting. All the same, I bet what you've show us will still be more beautiful.


  5. great pix and i think i love that woman's funky tights!

  6. What a nice market. We have one here every Saturday from 8 to 12 noon. Breads, vegetables, plants, flowers, food venders. It's wonderful. Show us more of the stuff for sale if you get a chance.

  7. Tulips, flowers of spring !!! In the city !!!!


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