Saturday 25 April 2015

Off the beaten Path
Visiting Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood

Looking up and down
an interesection

in Gustav Klimt's neighborhood,
a few steps from the "Klimt" tram stop

Residential buildings
with turrets and bay windows,

Old storefronts, a corner grocery store,
a flower shop, a hot dog stand cum tiny restaurant
beloved by the local clientele, a small neighbourhood cafè,
all very quaint and laid-back, a green haven in the city

Photographed 24 April 2015
with my mobile camera in Hietzing,
Vienna's 13th District
Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. Hi Merisi,
    Thanks for this amazing blog of yours.
    Last year I visited Vienna for a first time properly (well) and had a chance to visit some of the Coffee Houses according to your recommendation. (I am a hopeless seeker of a good coffee).
    District 13 looks so nice, can't wait to visit.
    I love your pictures so much.
    Thank you Merisi.

  2. A lovely beginning for my day, Merisi, as always!! Such delightful captures of your beautiful city! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!!

  3. Can't wait to visit the Belvedere and Klimt's neighborhood.

  4. Such a lovely neighbourhood!

  5. What a nice place to live.
    What a nice place to visit:)

    HAPPY WEEKEND to you and yours.

  6. Thank you for the walk about and are those Lilacs that I see, if so, the fragrance must be amazing right about there~

  7. Every where you photograph looks like a park like setting. So lush and beautiful.

  8. Spring looks good on lush and colorful!! I've missed reading your blog glad to be back!!

  9. Spring looks good on lush and colorful!! I've missed reading your blog glad to be back!!

  10. such an interesting neighborhood. I love Gustav Klimt's works...amazing indeed..

  11. A very timely post - I just saw Woman In Gold, so thank your for the tour of Klimt's neighborhood!

  12. Looks a lovely area to walk around and photograph . Very interesting architecture. Thanks for sharing Merisi.


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