Wednesday 31 December 2014

Waiting for Sunrise
Winter Morning in Birdland

On the Last Day of the Year
7:42:50 AM

7:39:27 AM

7:42:34 AM

Hooded Crows
Worshipping the sun -
or so it seems
7:44:51 AM

Sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular
during these past December weeks -
there's so escape, you'd notice them even
when not looking out the window,
rooms suddenly bathed in bright magenta
and objects edged in gold, as if brilliant lights
had been switched on, and indeed they had,
in the sky

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Such glorious sunsets are a gift to be treasured.

  2. its 10:10 AM here now .. which makes it 4 PMish there .. have a lovely new year my dear Merisi xox

  3. What beautiful early sky color. Thanks for the gift of light and color

  4. These dawn shots are breathtaking, Merisi!

    Have a happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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