Monday 10 November 2014

Melk Abbey's Baroque Garden Pavilion
Coffee in Paradise

A Glass of Grüner Veltliner
Somehow fitting, I was not sure
wether I was dead drunk or if
I had gone to heaven

After a leisurely stroll through Melk Abbey's
Baroque "Garden of Paradise"

I had walked up the steps and
entered the garden pavilion

and felt immediately
transported to a realm of dreams

Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté *

Le monde s’endort
Dans une chaude lumière *

You see, I was so enchanted, it was as if
my thoughts created an autopoietic language

that expressed itself
in cinematic poetry

Photographed 26 June 2013
Garden Pavilion of Melk Abbey's
Baroque Garden of Paradise
Melk, Lower Austria

Images and Text © by Merisi
-> *) Quoted from Baudelaire's Invitation au Voyage
-> Melk Abbey Homepage: Baroque Garden
R e p o s t


  1. Wonderful pastel colors in all of your shots. What an amazing interior!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Beautifully captured shots of this wonderful setting Merisi, it really is exquisite.

  3. Your photographs have such an ethereal quality to them.
    Its always a pleasure coming here to see Vienna and parts beyond from your point of view.
    I do love the wine glass and the whites and golds of the shot.

  4. I am so HAPPY that I am finally getting a little caught up with favorite blogs. Stunning images, I love their peaceful quality, well done as always~

  5. i wouldn't mind a sip or two .. and in such exquisite surroundings

  6. Merisi, What wonderful high key photographs. They set the mood and tone so beautifully. Thank you


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