Saturday 28 November 2015

Escaping End of November Blues
Vienna in late Autumn

Church of St. Maria Rotunda
Dominican Church

Powder Blue Façade at Bäckerstrasse
After a sunny golden autumn,
late November has hit with bleak skies,
days so much devoid of sun and reflections,
even shiny surfaces surrender to the rigours of winter

Schönbrunn's Café Gloriette
Now is the perfect season to take refuge
in this place with tall windows,
high on Schönbrunn hill,
offering a magnificent view of Schönbrunn Palace
and the city beyond

Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Dominikanerkirche - Dominican Church


  1. Beautiful architecture, and I love the angles you've chosen for these shots!

  2. That is indeed a remarkable place to take refuge! What magnificent surroundings.

  3. Wow, da würde ich einziehen! Das Gebäude und Kaffee und Leckereien in Reichweite? ♥


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