Tuesday 14 October 2014

Golden October Evening
Autumn in Vienna

October Evening
4th District

The clouds of dark grey fog
rising from the Danube
had settled over the city
in the morning and then sat there all day,
obscuring what otherwise would have been
a sunny autumn day, with clear blue skies

I was taking a walk around Schwarzenbergplatz,
before heading home, when I noticed the sun had managed
to break through the fog cover in a few places,
leaving tiny bits of blue sky exposed and letting
some rays of sunshine light up the light-starved city

Photographed Monday Evening
13 October 2014
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Beautiful - the golden leaves are like little golden lanterns

  2. These are such beautiful photos.

  3. What a lovely place and time. How lucky you are to have the views and how lucky we are that you share your photography.

  4. Gorgeous place and incredible Fall captures, Merisi!! I do agree with Jim -- how lucky we are that you share the beauty of your world with us through your photography!! Breathtaking beauty!

  5. exquisite .. so bright so lovely .. wish our dreary fall could come take lessons from your's

  6. I really like the contrast between the wall and the leaves.

  7. Oh Merisi, those golden yellow leaves against the pearly grey walls...perfectly evoke a particular stage as October establishes its rule.

    Beautiful! xo

  8. Tolle Fotos! Die Farben der Blätter bilden einen schönen Kontrast!

  9. Lovely framing with those gorgeous leaves!


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