Sunday 7 September 2014

Coffee on my Mind
Viennese Moments

Red Lipstick
and a dreamy expression

perchance, of hopping
on a red Vespa
and riding
to the next coffeehouse?

Asking for
un buon caffé con la panna?
Espresso with whipped cream,
that is.

Are you coming

Photographed at
Chanel, Kohlmarkt,
and Segafredo, Hütteldorf
September 2010
Images and text © by Merisi

In the mood for a ride on a Vespa?
Watch these scenes from Nanni Moretti movies,
the great Italian actor director driving through Rome,
beyond the usual tourist destinations:
"Il Diario" (one of my favorite movies ever!) and
"Pasticciere Trotzkista" (with a "sweet" finale,
perfect with un caffé con la panna!).
Enjoy! :-)
R e p o s t


  1. :)) Jetzt brauche ich einen Kaffee...

  2. What great shots - so atmospheric and each one telling a story.

  3. I love following the red down the page! And I LOVE the red Vespa!

    1. Vicki,
      I spot a red Vespa quite often, usually placed before a perfect background, almost suspiciously so. Who knows, it could be a cheap way to get attention without paying for advertising. ;-)

  4. Je te suis avec plaisir Merisi ! Acheter un joli rouge à lèvres, j'en ai toujours un tube dans mon sac, mais c'est un indispensable :) prendre une Vespa (non, on ne la vole pas, elle est surement déjà à toi lol, et commander un buon caffé con panna au Grand Café le plus proche, mais je vois que nous sommes près du Burgtheater, si nous allions voir une pièce ? Le rideau rouge continuerait ta très jolie série en rouge... Merci Merisi pour ces merveilleuses photos de la si jolie Wien ! (J'aime bien la nommer dans sa langue)
    Bisous et belle fin de journée !

    1. Merci, Nathanaëlle! :-)
      The building in the background is the Minoritenkirche, Minorite Church, at Minoritenplatz, off Herrengasse.

  5. The white bow on the mannequin's head actually looks a little creepy to me.

    1. Going to the horse races, probably. It's hard to make oneself conspicuous with a huge hat nowadays. ;-)

  6. Great, colorful shots, Merisi, and they do indeed tell a story! Love the red Vespa!! Hope your week is going well!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia, a wonderful weekend to you! :-)

  7. I want to visit Vienna after reading your posts now. a
    And I sure know who to turn to when I want to find nice places to visit when I would visit one day :-).

  8. I love most Italian designs..... and yes, coffee and cake(s) in Vienna sounds great!! One day I will be there:)

  9. the lady in the first photo made me think of Lucille Ball .. i don't know why ..

  10. Oh yes, Merisi...I'm so ready for a cup of delicious coffee and a relaxing chat with you.
    I don't think the Vespa will get me all the way to Vienna..but it certainly is a beautiful shade of red.
    My Granddaughter just returned from Croatia with a stop over in Vienna. She adored everything about it and wishes we could all go there together....Me Too!!

  11. Yes, a Vespa ride in Europe would be a dream come true.
    Enjoyed the videos too. The first reminded me of a walk I once
    took in Rome. The second was just happy!

  12. Vienna is such a magnificent city. Thank you for sharing it's splendor with us!


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