Thursday 14 August 2014

Where the Pope Stopped for Coffee
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. Tuscan Bliss

After-Dinner Coffee
Espresso in enamel cup
Sosta del Papa
Barberino Val d'Elsa

Tuscan Views
Stopping by the roadside

Images and Text © by Merisi

The true story behind Pope Pius VII's "coffee stop":

"La Sosta del Papa is a small hamlet of Barberino Val d'Elsa,
located on the street Via Cassia state just before with the municipal boundary with Poggibonsi.
Known locally as the piss of the Pope took the name from a curious and fun fact of daily life
that saw, in spite of himself, Pope Pius VII on June 2 1813.
It is said that the Pope, during the long journey to Rome back from France
where he had been deported by order of Napoleon Bonaparte,
were caught in this area by a sudden physiological need."
More @ -> La Sosta del Papa


  1. Queen's Annes Lace, love those wildflowers, but oh the Chiggers I can get from them, not so much~

  2. Love the wildflowers. We got lots of great pics of flowers on our Maine trip.

  3. i am sitting here in my office (sssh, i am supposed to be working) sipping an espresso (we have a terrific espresso machine) and reading your blog post pretending i am there vs here

  4. Kind of a reminder he's a man first and a Saint second

  5. An amusing little story, and I wonder if the Pope ever knew he has been immortalized in this way for his brief visit!

  6. Oh boy... not the kind of history someone wants to leave behind!

  7. We have those exact wildflowers blooming here right now. I love them so.

  8. Cute story, and I think you know by now that I am in love with your coffee photos :)

  9. Lol. Oh well.
    I adore Tuscany. Such a beautiful region.


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