Sunday 17 August 2014

Viennese Moments, Naughty Angels included
In Plain Sight: A Vigilant Hussar and a Hero King

"The Hussar"
The hussar on his horse,
in his verdigris splendor,
up on the roof since the 19th Century,
is still on the look-out
for customers of a travel agency
and gun store that has long ceased
doing business, however.

More romantic souls
insist that the statue really represents
the "Lion of Lechistan", the Polish King, Jan III Sobieski,
beloved by the Viennese for coming to their rescue
during the Turkish Siege and the Battle of Vienna in 1683.
Whoever the solitary horseman
keeping vigil up there may be,
he enjoys a view over the city of Vienna
that reaches all the way to the vineyards
and the hills of the Vienna Woods

Verdigris window frames
and blue sky reflected in the glass,
two colours that play into
the lightness of being
one feels on a sunny day
in Vienna

Above the portal
of the Cartier store entrance,
under a balcony with an
elaborate coat of arms,
a rather un-heavenly scene:
two naughty angels
disturbing the peace of a dole of doves,
much to the terror of the frightened
little angels to the right

at the corner of
Graben and Kohlmarkt
2 September 2010
Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. Love your quirky comments and delicious images.

  2. I love the coloring on this building. :)

    1. Extraordinary color, isn't it? Stops me in my tracks every time I walk by, I just have to look up. ;-)

  3. Somehow, it seems to me, the pictures look better when you click on one and then look at them in the "black box" - no idea why, but if it works .... ;-)

  4. A grand statue, and such a beautiful building, Merisi!

  5. That verdigris! Swoon . . . And the naughty angels -- I feel that the artist must have had small children.

  6. Stunning building and as to naughty angels a little mischief is always good


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