Tuesday 26 August 2014

French Feast
Café Le Bol

A quiet moment
great coffee

latent temptations
dreams within and beyond

and the sugar bowls,
always full

Café Le Bol
Pâtisserie, Bistro
Neuer Markt 14

-> La Carte @ LE BOL Pâtisseries * Café * Bistro * Table d´hôtes
I have had breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, alone and in company,
many many times, and it was always a feast for the senses.
I love the service, the cuisine, the atmosphere, in quiet and in busy times
Tip: Walk by and make a reservation in person, ahead of time. You'll thank me.
D800 50 mm lens


  1. Ah, looks like my kind of place, Merisi!! Great captures for the day, as always!!

  2. That first photo is really good. I want a cup now.

  3. Are those raw sugar cubes? YUM!

  4. The sugar cubes look inviting!

  5. I wish I could be transported there this very moment. Love that "chocolate" sugar bowl.

  6. Love your selective focus and the subject matter. Yes coffee occasionally alone is just fine and something to read between glances at the people and things around you.


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