Monday 14 July 2014

Gustav Klimt's last Atelier
Villa Klimt at Feldmühlgasse

On the easel, a reproduction
of one of Klimt's Attersee paintings,
next to it a palette and paint brushes

On the black and white striped silk sofa,
a blue robe like the ones he loved to wear
and a few of his figure drawings

"There is nothing special about me.
I am a painter who paints day after day
from morning to night...
Who ever wants to know something about me...
ought to look carefully at my pictures."
Quoted from
"Commentary on a non-existent self-portrait"
Wikipedia, "Gustav Klimt"

Klimt Villa
Feldmühlgasse 11
13th District (Hietzing)

The Klimt Villa is easily reached
by public transport, either tram #58
or U4 subway, a few minutes from Schönbrunn

Photographed 13 July 2014
© by Merisi

-> 1917 Photograph of Klimt's studio at Feldmühlgasse
-> Homepage "Klimt-Villa"
-> Wikikedia, "Gustav Klimt"


  1. Wonderful captures for the day -- as always, Merisi!! Hope you have a great new week!!

  2. A beautiful villa, and a nice setting, even though they are reproductions, for art.

  3. Love the images, maybe I'll get to see it in person someday soon.

  4. Thank you Merisi, for taking us inside the studio. Hoping that someday will find me taking the tram or subway there myself.


  5. Danke, Merisi :-) Was für ein Treppenaufgang! Das möchte ich mir mal ansehen.... irgendwann...

  6. Anonymous15 July, 2014

    Lovely shots and how nice to see this great artist's work.

  7. Anonymous15 July, 2014

    That second picture from the bottom's a bit worrying.... These extreme diets are VERY UNHEALTHY

  8. Have I told you how much I like his paintings? Sadly I've only seen one in person at a museum in Prague.

  9. O I'm itching to go here. Thanks for the sneak peak.


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