Saturday 24 May 2014

Where in the World?
Otto Wagner Pavilion at Karlsplatz

Roofline of Otto Wagner Pavilion
Looking up after emerging from
the U4 Karlsplatz metro station, while walking
through Resselpark towards St. Charles Church

Otto Wagner 1897 Pavilion at Karlsplatz
In the background, left, the Musikverein Hall,
built in the 1860s, home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Reflecting Pool
in front of St. Charles Borromaeus Church,
the twin of Otto Wagner's Pavilion in the background

St. Charles Borromaeus Church
View from Resselpark

Photographed 22 May 2014
© by Merisi

-> Otto Wagner Pavilion Karlsplatz
-> The Wiener Musikverein (Viennese Music Association)
-> Merisi's 2008 post on St. Charles Church


  1. So that's what it was!

    Spectacular, Merisi!

  2. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for all this beautify of Vienna in spring.

    1. You are welcome, I love sharing "my Vienna" with you! xxx

  4. Very nice square in Vienna. During one of my visits to Vienna, I found a lost wallet here some tourists from Asia. That group of girls I was on a photo I made ​​a few minutes earlier. That the wallet belonged to one of them, so I found that there were Japanese Yeny and many other foreign currencies. Wallet, I handed over to the police station in the underpass near the square. The cops did not want anything from me. Neither my name nor where I found the wallet. I had not a good feeling. - google translate :-)
    Jetzt Deutsch:
    Sehr schöner Platz in Wien. Bei einem von meinen Besuchen in Wien, fand ich hier eine verlorene Geldtasche, die einiger Touristin aus Asien gehörte. Diese Gruppe von Mädchen hatte ich auf einem Foto, das ich ein paar Minuten früher gemacht. Dass die Brieftasche gehörte einer von diesen Mädchen, so fand ich, dass die japanischen Yeny und viele andere ausländische Währungen dort waren. Gedltasche übergab ich zur Polizeistation in dem Fussgängertunnel in der Nähe des Platzes. Die Polizisten wollten von mir keine Angabe, weder mein Name noch wo ich die Brieftasche gefand. Ich hatte kein gutes Gefühl davon.

    Glaubst du, dass die Touristin die Brieftasche wieder in die Hände bekamm? Ich denke, dass sie den Verlust angemeldet hat, sie hatte dort auch die Bankkarte.

    1. Daniela,
      I am sure your wallet was not only safe, but the girls got it back, if they went to the police and enquired. I have read that it is quite surprising how few people actually inquire at the lost and found offices. Bicycles, for example, even brand-new and expensive ones, often sit there, waiting to be claimed, and no one does!

      I had an amazing experience with the Italian police and Austrian Railways: On a train trip to Rome, my daughter and I missed the wallet when we arrived at Roma Termini station. We went to the police station there to report the loss. We were sure it was stolen because we had searched our train compartment in vain. When we go back home, there was a letter from Rome that the wallet had been found and we were able to pick it up at Vienna's lost and found office.

  5. so lovely .. i think i told you my sister visited vienna after she graduated college .. she loved it and every time i see your photos i know why

    1. Coming to Vienna with an open mind and a willingness to see what's beautiful brings great rewards. xxx

  6. Karlsplatz is an amazing part of Vienna. We were there during sunset, and the park came alive.

    1. I could not agree more, Mersad! :-)

  7. Tolle Fotos! Auf den Otto Wagner Pavillion wäre ich nie gekommen. :)


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