Tuesday 6 May 2014

Vienna in May
Light in Spring

Caryatid at noon
Annagasse - Glimpse from Kärntner Strasse
Praterstrasse -Early afternoon in Leopoldstadt

Photographed 5 May 2014
© Merisi


  1. Blogger's driving me nuts these days (thanks, Google!).
    The newest twist: I can't use the HTML mode anymore to create new posts.
    Has any of you experienced similar unpleasantries and has learned to overcome them, by any chance?

    A wonderful day to all of you,

    1. P.S.: The link to my blogroll has disappeared, too.
      I think I know how to create a new one, but need more time for that than I have right now.
      Here's my blogroll (if any of your blogs are missing, please let me know - thank you!):
      Merisi's Blogroll

  2. Despite Blogger's weirdness your post is a golden delight!Google OK for me so far...

  3. Oh no! Sorry you're having problems with Blogger. So annoying.

    Love these shots, as ever.

  4. Beautiful sculpture in that first one.

    I haven't noticed any problems, though in the past there have been issues. I suggest trying the Help section for Blogger.

  5. Merisi, I still remember my first learning the word caryatid. Thought it a wonderful word then and your photograph has reminded me that it's still lovely. Strong, supportive women, eh?

    Usually, I try to stay indoors during the midday sun, but really love the minimal shadows that special light gives.

    Good luck to you with regard to Blogger. My laziness in posting may protect me from an awareness of the weirdness.

    The Park Avenue tulips are now fading. We have some over here on the west side in the middle of Broadway. I will try to remember to take my camera out to click some pictures for you.


  6. Beautiful girl!
    I showed yr vanilla bits yesterday
    Thank you AGAIN!!


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