Monday 31 March 2014

Vienna in Springtime
I spy Spring

I spy spring
St. Michael's Wing of
the Imperial Palace

Pâtisserie Demel
Pale pink tulips flirting with apricot

Café Orlando di Castello
White African violet in Manganese Blue pot 

Photographed 16 March 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. So delicate, your images have captured the lightness of spring time. Once again, I love them all the more because here it is still late winter, windy & gray...So thank you!

  2. Beautiful spring captures, Merisi!! A wonderful way to begin my day! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty of your world!!

  3. Love the delicacy of your tulip photo. It's very beautiful.

  4. Wonderful spring views, wish I could visit again.

  5. Stunning close up of flowers.

  6. Merisi, thank you for that exquisite photo of the Pink House with its flowering veil. And thank you also for showing us what signs of spring you spied.

    (I did take a walk around Central Park today, and saw some signs there, too. We saw snow flurries this morning, had thunder and lightning rain storms yesterday, so seeing blue sky above this afternoon was quite a gift. xo

  7. Vienna looks exquisite in the spring!

  8. I wish I could take a photo half as well as you do, Merisi! The tulip photo? Exquisite! Your spring photos make me smile!

  9. Beautiful images, Merisi. I just love the delicate colour combinations.

  10. Love these apricots/pastel pinks..

  11. so lovely .. its just beginning to warm up here .. just .. barely ... sigh

  12. Beautiful and I agree with Charles, those gold details really stand out!


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