Sunday 23 March 2014

Coffee, anyone?
Caffè Milano in Alsergrund

A Glass of Water
Downturned spoon and Periwinkle blossom
found on the walk from the Strudlhof Steps

Caffè Milano
"There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure" *

Coffee, anyone?
Cappuccino, one of the best
north of the border!

Photographed 21 March 2014
© by Merisi

*) Quoted from Charles Baudelaire's "Invitation au Voyage"
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  1. Very classy glass with the spoon. Happy Spring!

  2. Love the reflections on the glass and spoon from the sun - that coffee looks very inviting.

  3. "Le monde s'endort
    Dans une chaude lumière..."
    Chez Baudelaire (Invitation au voyage) et dans vos photos...
    Ah, the first one! Une merveille !

  4. I love the images with the BLUE walls, the sunshine and the coffee:)

  5. Whenever you display one of the wonderful cups of goodness, I immediately begin to thirst for one. Splendid entry, always. Sorry, I have been missing in action, doing so much to clean up where those 6 huge trees came down Happy week Merisi~

  6. The coffee looks really very inviting...Great shot...

  7. This kind of presentation for the glass is really original et feel like a strong signature for the cofee shop : great marketing idea. And I must add to my first comm that I love the way you take pics : they looks so vivid !

  8. beautiful presentation of the water glass and latte! thanks for visiting me at my blog.

  9. The reflection and shadows make these simple daily things beautiful. The mark of an artist:)

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    “Beauty is all around us, from the smallest things to the biggest.
    All we need to do is look with the eyes of a child.”
    So true, isn't it?
    Best wishes,

  11. They were reading yr favorite poet on the BBC yesterday and I recognized his words before they identified know...the American guy...

    1. Oh, Carol, that's great! You mean Billy Collins, don't you?
      He and Emily Dickinson, my favorite American poets, I suppose.
      You know the one about "Taking off Emily Dickinson's clothes"?

  12. what a lovely find ...

  13. I LOVE the glass of water and flower. I want to frame it.

  14. Merisi, you are a true artist -- you have made a simple glass of water into a work of art! Is all coffee in Vienna so beautiful? Don't answer that - I want to believe that it is!

  15. Lovely place too, this blue is so beautiful!


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