Saturday 15 February 2014

Love and Coffee at Caffè Florian
Merisi's Viennese Escapes

Early Morning
Caffè Florian's grand drapes
along the Procuratie Nuove arcade
are not yet drawn all the way

Two Lovers
absorbed in taking pictures of
- whom else? - themselves

Another Early Bird
marvels at the splendid emptiness
of early morning's Piazza San Marco

Caffè Florian
Procuratie Nuove
Piazza San Marco

Valentine's Day 2014
I am still here, in Vienna,
but I felt like dreaming of Venice.
I took these pictures in late August of 2010.
I was on my way to Geneva
and stopped overnight in La Serenissima.
Rising at first daylight, I took a long walk
in the early morning breeze

Images and Text
copyright by Merisi


  1. A dream, indeed.... one day a reality.

  2. Caffe Florian is absolutely one of my favorites cafe! Had lunch there last summer.

  3. Looks divine! I need to get down to my travel agent and see some of this in person!

  4. I love those elegant draperies!

  5. Saw you at Cherry's and just popped by to say Hi and wish you well for the rest of 2014.
    Sadly I lost my wife in April but have recovered somewhat now. I wrote two poems which I posted and these helped me a lot.

    Love your photos and commentaries,as ever ~ Eddie

  6. They're beautiful shots... and a beautiful city!

  7. Slightly belated Happy Valentine's wishes to you, Merisi, and thanks for these reminders of how beautiful can be.

    I've been reading Donna Leon's "My Venice" and the library borrowing deadline says I'm already got the book overdue. Tomorrow morning (weather being kind with the snow fall forecast) I'll plead snowstorm return problems, and hope that I won't be fined, and might get my name on the reserve list for another opportunity to see this other wise lady's written views of Venice soon.


  8. I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day Merisi. I spent mine with my little dog and most welcome Rain! A most beautiful day indeed.

  9. Great and I love those curtains!

  10. Thank you all for your kind comment and good wishes!
    A wonderful Sunday and great start into the new week to all of you,


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