Sunday 12 January 2014

Sunny with a Chance of Sparkles
Merisi's Viennese Moments

Morning in the City
After the grey that reigned supreme
for far too long,

there rose a brilliant morning,
filled with light,

the city outshined itself,
finally, again;

painting  the façades
with brilliant strokes of light,

and the Christmas lights, once more,
scintillated, albeit in broad day light

Photographed during noon hour
on Saturday, 11 January 2014,
while walking on Kärntner Strasse
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. "painting the facades" photo is especially alluring

  2. Lovely seeing those lights glittering at midday against a blue sky. (I forgive you the glimpse of the golden arches....)

    Warm, overcast and drizzly here in New York this afternoon. Fierce rain and wind s are predicted for later on. Time to stay indoor with a cup of tea, catching up on beautiful places in other parts of the world.


  3. It looks like the buildings are wearing jewelry! We have had the most dreary, rainy day here today.

  4. I absolutely love those chandeliers!

  5. Love that last shot! I wouldn't have thought it would look that great in the daytime, but it looks magical.

  6. Yesterday the weather in Vienna was much better than forecasted. And today it is even better! What a strange but beautiful new year this has been so far - weatherwise.
    The Christmas lights at daytime in the sunlight are super sparkly, I like them a lot!

    1. Paola,
      just the other day, I decided not to look at the weather forecast anymore.
      I was on my way to the Third District, when I heard over the radio, "Wien, stark bewölkt", and there I was, in the sunshine.
      This morning, I was at Schönbrunn before 8 AM - around sunrise, that is. Interestingly, during the 3 hours I walked there, the sky changed from blue with a few clouds to dark grey within minutes and then back again, a couple of times. Probably the fog rising from the Danube river that messes up the forecasts. ;-)

  7. I like when they leave the Christmas lights up a good long while.

  8. Wonderful lights and I, too, like it when the Christmas lights are left up for a while!! I know how great it was to finally see some sun!! I'm hoping we'll get some soon! Great captures for the day, Merisi, hope you've had a lovely weekend!!

  9. Beautiful shots, Merisi! It makes me think Vienna's a city of light.


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