Tuesday 7 January 2014

Gardens of Prince Eugene's Belvedere
When the Golden Sun is setting

"When the golden sun is setting
And your mind from care is free
When of others you are thinking
Will you sometimes think of me.

When the golden sun is setting
And the birds are flitting free
When of dear ones you are thinking
Won’t you sometimes think of me.

Think of me when you are happy
Keep for me one little spot
In the depth of thine affection
Plant a sweet forget me not."

(From a Victorian autograph book
author unknown)

Photographed Sunday
8 January 2012 at sunset
Images © by Merisi


  1. Such tender hues, softening the marble. Lovely!

    1. The light was simply out of this world. It did not last long, sun moved, clouds moved, just long enough to capture a few pictures.
      Much love to you, Vicki,
      M. xxx

  2. The drape of the cloth on the stone statue is great. I always love that effect.

    1. Charles, I know a church in Venice with drapieries of marble: so finely chiseled, they fool the eye. Every time I go there, I get up close, to confirm it's still marble I am looking at.

  3. The smooth marble and the knotty tree are great contrasts!

  4. Amazing images with harmonious colors. Great work!

  5. I am in love with that constant creme color. Beautiful photos!

  6. When the golden sun is setting
    And my mind from care is free
    When am planning next day’s coffee
    and a cake, I think of thee ;-)

  7. Glorious light. Happy New Year from Sydney F xx

  8. Stunning lighting, brilliant captures as always~

  9. Beautiful shots... particularly that first one.


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