Tuesday 28 January 2014

Fieldfares at St. Marx Cemetery
Vienna in Winter

Fieldfares at St. Marx Cemetery
Fieldfares spend summers up north,
in Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltic countries,
breeding in Lapland and the Arctic tundra.

A large flock of these beautiful birds
finds a winter haven at St. Marx cemetery,
year after year. This morning, there were many more birds
than you can see here. They moved so fast, though,
and settled in more than one tree, I was not able
to capture them all at once

While I was walking up the hill,
wading through knee-high snow,
the fieldfares moved on too.
They were now sitting high in a tree,
next to Mozart's final resting place

Photographed on 19 January 2013,
a grey, cold January morning,
at St. Marx Cemetery in the 3rd District
Images and Text © by Merisi
R e p o s t


-> Fieldfare, close-up by Remo Savisaar
-> Arctic Birds
-> Neusiedl Lake Seewinkel National Park Bird Sanctuary
-> St. Marx Cemetery through the seasons


  1. Oh how wonderful, the Fieldfares, these images are amazing. Mozart... have to listen to some Mozart today, while I begin my new book ;) and sip Lavender tea with a spot of honey~

  2. It seems like you encountered a miraculous day in a sacred place...so beautiful...

  3. I've not heard of these birds, but they are indeed beautiful. A lovely post.

  4. Thank you for braving the snow... To bring us your beautiful photos...

  5. Gorgeous. Especially the birds.

  6. Saint Marx? I must have missed something...

    1. St. Marx is named after the evangelist Mark, Marx just being another way to spell it. ;-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Skywatch post this week. We get Starlings here that flock in the same way. Sometimes they roost in the trees behind our place and make a lovely sound. - Margy

  8. I've not heard of these birds before either. Beautiful images, Merisi. That red in the last shot really stands out!

  9. Spectacular shots, especially that top photo. I never heard of them, and they are surely beautiful, so I'm glad the second one shows a closer view!


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