Monday 6 January 2014

Cafè Menagerie at Upper Belvedere Palace
Coffee with Prince Eugene, anyone?

Coffee with Prince Eugene
Welcome to one of the world's
most beautiful summer residences:
Prince Eugene's Baroque Upper Belvedere Palace

Coffee or Tea?
I had Viennese Coffee Melange,
with a slice of Linzer Torte

Toasted almonds, finely ground,
with a touch cloves and lemon zest,
and a thick layer of finest rasperry jam

Cafè Menagerie
Upper Belvedere Palace
Prinz Eugenstrasse 27
3rd District
Monday through Sunday
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Homepage Cafè Bistrot Menagerie, Upper Belvedere Palace
-> Wikipedia: Prince Eugene's Belvedere Summer Residence
-> Recipe Wolfgang Puck's Linzer Torte


  1. wow! amazing captures!

  2. Liebe Merisi,
    so ein Stück Linzertorte hätt ich jetzt auch gern, überhaupt in so schönem Ambiente!
    Einen schönen 3-Königs-Tag wünsch ich dir!
    Ganz liebe Rostrosengrüße, Traude
    ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥:

  3. Beautiful captures indeed, Merisi! And what a delightful looking place to enjoy coffee!! Hope you have a great week ahead!!

  4. Yummy and fabulous!
    I really must try to find a beautiful place around here to have dessert!
    Happy New Year Merisi!!!

  5. I love the colors here. ;-) Happy New Year!

  6. now i want some too ...

    1. I have a very good recipe. Do you have a kitchen scale in grams?
      Different from Puck's. ;-)

  7. Replies
    1. Actually, no, but worth to deviate a bit from being a paragon of virtue (talking of myself here). ;-)

      I am thinking of baking it, just to sniff on it, you know. And take pictures, of course. I could then mail it on to Paris. You still at your old address, aren't you? ;-)

  8. Pretty in red! That's quite a spectacular room. My mouth is watering for a piece of that linzer torte.

  9. I like the flower, the bright color and the cake looks nice too.......
    We who follow your blog will have difficulties in choosing where to go for coffee and cake. I have to make my top-10 list ready.... just in case:)

  10. Quel superbe gâteau, il est très appétissant !!!

  11. That torte would greatly appeal to me!

  12. Ahh how sweet it was.
    Greetings from Tegel Airport, Berlin, where I'm having a "dinner" of a banana, nuts, and chestnuts bought in your Naschmarkt.


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