Sunday, 19 January 2014

Café Griensteidl at Michaelerplatz
Viennese Coffee Melange, anyone?

A Grey January Day
Viewed from a Viennese coffee house,
looking out at St. Michael's Gate

Coffee and Apple Strudel
In that amber-scented calm,

Ceilings richly wrought,
Mirrors deep as thought

There, restraint and order bless
Luxury and voluptuousness

Café Griensteidl
Michaelerplatz 2

Loos Haus
Red Valentino Boutique
Herrengasse and Michaelerplatz

"In that amber-scented calm;
Ceilings richly wrought,
Mirrors deep as thought, …
There, restraint and order bless
Luxury and voluptuousness."

Quoted from Edna St. Vincent Millay's
translation of Baudelaire's "Invitation en Voyage"

Photographed 18 January 2014
Images © by Merisi

-> Alfred Loos Haus
-> Valentino and Fiaker at Michaelerplatz->
-> Charles Baudelaire, Invitation au Voyage


  1. I am sure the figures at St. Michael's Gate would like to come in for a piece of that strudel and hot coffee as they are not dressed appropriately for the January weather and must be cold.

  2. Love that one! Once I tried "testing" Apfelstrudel everywhere. Long ago, so I have to go for another try ;-) I love it!!!!

  3. A magnificent, if a bit complicated, way to get a coffee!

  4. This is a lovely place and very different from my own so hopping to your blog transport me to a different place. Great job.

    Oman Is An Island

  5. Oh, what pictured bliss.....................

    -happy sigh-

  6. Gorgeous. I love those light fixtures too.

  7. St Michael's gate is stunning, Merisi.

    And strudel looks very tempting indeed.

  8. I can't think of anything better on a grey winter day than to be inside that cafe drinking coffee and eating that strudel. Love how you captured the view out that window in the first photo.

  9. Fantastic ! What a view..... not only on the tables, but also out the windows.

  10. Une belle série de clichés, et, cet Apple Strudel qui est bien appétissant , j'aime beaucoup cette gourmandise !!!!

  11. oh yes, amber scented calm is just what I need.
    what a lovely concept.


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