Thursday 2 January 2014

A Walk from the Sacher
Towards Albertina Square

Christmastime in Vienna

Original Sacher-Torte
Sign high above Kärntner Strasse

Christmas Tree
Hotel Astoria Entrance

Brass Door Knocker
A brazen lion,
evoking "fearful symmetry"

Golden December
A small, fenced-in park next to Albertina Square,
a memorial to hundreds of civilian World War II bomb victims:
"Opposite the Albertina, where there is now a small park,
there used to be a large building, the Philipphof.
On March 3, 1945 bombs destroyed it completely and hundreds
of people who had taken refuge in its air-raid shelters
lost their lives. They are still buried there … "
Quoted from Henriette Mandl's "In Search of Vienna"

Photographed 5 December 2013
Images and own text © by Merisi
105 mm lens


  1. Similar weather in Warsaw, although a bit less sunshine.

  2. lovely photos
    always, merisi ...

    some day
    i shall walk those streets !!

    {{ we are over here
    making our way through oliver stones'
    mini-series :: "The Untold History of the United States"
    i must say
    i am learning more about WWII
    how European cities
    struggled for day-to-day normalcy
    during that horrible, horrible time ...

    my heart weeps
    now }}

  3. Beautiful park. A fitting tribute to the folks who died, although very sad that it happened in the first place.

  4. A lovely, golden world it is indeed!! Such a beautiful park indeed! Hope your new year is off to a great start!! Enjoy!

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  6. The memorial on this place is actually quite new. I "grew up" with the memorial, it was designed during my highschool-years. I had a written exam in German, where we wrote about it. Quite emotional.

    Did the bell tower of the Augustiner church catch your eye? It seems modest, with all the great buildings surrounding it.

    Your photos remind me of the mild Advent we had this year, such bright colours in December.

  7. Your photos of your surroundings are always so beautiful! I particularly love the Christmas tree at the Hotel Astoria. :)

  8. Lovely done blog, I enjoyed a visit. Thanks

  9. That is just gorgeous, especially the last shot.

  10. with the lure of good chocolate i would walk almost anywhere

  11. Stunning images, I am lagging so far behind, excuse me...I have a duty now on a group page with FB and then doing everything else...for a senior...I am laying exhausted but happy to have the time to sit and catch up this evening. Happy weekend~

  12. Beautiful pics, particularly that knocker!


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