Tuesday 17 December 2013

Morning in the City
Christmastime in Vienna

Albertina Square
A chandelier inside Café Mozart,
an equestrian statue reflected in the window

A Viennese Commuter
Fiaker on his way to work,
everyone's bundled up against the chill

Albertina Palais
A coachman keeps his horses
warm with cozy blankets

Graben near St. Stephen's Cathedral
Earnest photographers at work -
better make sure to capture the cathedral,
who knows, it may be gone by afternoon

Christmas Trees
Graben Square has turned into
one giant Christmas tree lot -
wait, have I just spotted Santa Claus?

Photographed 17 December 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. How wonderful , great to see so many photographers too. :-) Happy Christmas and a wonderful New year x

  2. Trying again -- Love that first shot!

  3. Perfect Christmas captures, Merisi!! I am getting the "spirit"!! Hope your week is going well!!

  4. The first picture with the reflection is fabulous! You've done a great job capturing the cold -- brrrrr!!! How cold is it in Vienna now?

    1. It is not too cold, actually (says someone who looks at the weather report and sees that south of the Mason-Dixon Line there's a whole lot of snow - none here.
      Link -> Weather in Vienna

  5. There's a great atmosphere of the reality of Christmas and seasonal moments in the city in your shots. The first one is so beautiful. Your comments make me smile.

  6. Beautiful scenes! Thanks for sharing.

  7. They're all gorgeous, but that first one is like something from a forgotten and lovely dream - so ethereal!

  8. looks cold but lovely ... someday i hope to visit

  9. Beautiful shots!

    What a way to commute!


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