Saturday 7 December 2013

Glimpses of Christmas in Vienna
A Merry Little Christmastime Stroll

Magnolia Wreath
It felt strangely comforting when I spotted
this magnolia wreath here in Vienna -
Magnolias remind me of places like Charleston,
Savannah, or Villa Borthese in Rome

Everygreen Garlands
Beautifully decked out storefront
opposite the one with the magnolia wreath

Pastry Shop Window
The angels are baking cookies,
my mother would say when
a wintry December sunset
lit the sky in orange and magenta

Window with Venetian Chandelier
Upstairs, at Demel's Patisserie,
looking out on Kohlmarkt,
on a December evening

A Candle Lamp
Hotel Sacher's red lampshade,
stopping passersby like me
in their tracks

And a Good Night to All
A Betthupferl, perchance biting off
the head of St. Nicholas's sidekick?
Or would you rather have
a chocolate rum ball?

Photographed on the Eve
of the Feast of St. Nicholas
5 December 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Chocolate Rum ball please.

    1. As many as you wish for, Barbara! Just don't fall asleep in the box. ;-)

  2. Lovely sophisticated Christmas decorations.

    1. I am very grateful to all the merchants who strife for not too gaudy Christmas decorations.

  3. The right place to be in this season!

  4. Replies
    1. That's Vienna at Christmastime. It really is. ;-)

  5. The bokeh in the venetian chandelier shot is amazing!! Beautiful images of Christmas. :)

    1. Thank you, Gail!
      I took all these pictures with the 105mm lens, the window shot's f/4, the ISO was on automatic and hit the 3600 mark, the room itself was quite dark.

  6. All so beautiful! You tempt me to try to make a magnolia leaf wreath...
    We have unseasonably warm and moist weather -- not quite right for Christmas but I shall endeavor to begin the decorating

    1. A magnolia leaf wreath would be so beautiful at your home! I always associate it with Southern hospitality, just like the pineapples worked into the elaborate entrance garlands.

  7. visiting your blog after time away is so coming home

    saz x

  8. Demel, Sacher, chandeliers and candle lamps, angels baking cookies and luscious rum balls. I do like Advent time in Vienna, a bit naughty but oh so nice.

    1. Yes, Arija, that's what I like about Advent in Vienna, it's celebrated with a twinkle in the eye, at least by the stores with roots in Vienna, often for generations. ;-)

  9. It certainly feels a lot more like Christmas, looking at these!

  10. A magnolia wreath! Somehow exotic in Vienna but beautiful!
    The light has been exceptional for days. I am really grateful for this year's late autumn season.

  11. Beautiful captures for the holiday, Merisi!! They are a lovely spot of color on this gray, grim December day in Oregon!! Thanks for sharing the spirit!!

  12. I absolutely love seeing Christmas photos from different parts of the world. You have made my day with this absolutely beautiful series! Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Sooooo many beautiful details!
    Thanks for sharing.


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