Monday 4 November 2013

Vanilla Sky
and Affogato al Caffè

Looking up
Late afternoon sky,
Vienna at its Midsummer best -
it is 5 PM and you need a quick pick-me-up?
Everybody knows Tiramisù -
literally meaning pull-me-up -
the Italian coffee flavoured dessert,
but there is an even quicker way
to restore your energy level:

Affogato al Caffè
is the answer!
All you need is a shot of hot espresso
and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

My first encounter with Affogato al Caffé
happened at the venerable Antico Caffè Greco in Rome.
Caffè Viennese, as it is called there,
arrives at your table in a tall caffé latte glass,
filled with two scoops of vanilla ice cream,
one on top of the other,
then "drowned"
in a double shot of hot espresso.

It is served with a long-handled spoon
to better reach every last bit
of that slowly melting iced dream.
Buon appetito!

A peek inside -> Antico Caffé Greco in Rome
(filmed in 1983 during an interview with the late Italian cartoonist and painter Andrea Pazienza)

Images and Text © by Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. Deliciously delightful!

  2. What a great idea for a pick-me-up. I often serve Affogato as a simple dessert. Yours is so beautifully presented. I think I might "borrow" the idea of the long spoon and the doily.

  3. I absolutely adore Affogato al Cafe. It's the next best thing to tiramisu :)


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