Tuesday 26 November 2013

Early Bird sees the Sun
Today's Weather in Vienna

The Sun rose
bright and golden
this morning

illuminating even the darkest corner
of my kitchen, after it had climbed
over the roofs

Minutes later,
dark tatters of high fog
shrouded the view of this hooded crow
perched in a tree at least seven stories high -
reminders of the power of the Danube river gods,
always ready to play havoc with the Viennese weather forecasts
where mostly innubilious skies may or may not mean you'll see the sun

Photographed 29 November 2012 - Repost
Today, the 26th of November 2013,
early morning started out sunny and bright,
by noon snow war swirling out of the sky like feathers.
By nightfall, everything was covered by a thick blanket of snow
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Nice to see you back in this beautiful city. Hope you enjoyed your US sojourn.
    The funny thing about the weather is, one can make a rough guess at it but you would have to be a fortune teller to come up trumps.

    1. Dearest Arija,
      I never left, this time: the Postcards from America were reposts.
      I simply could not find the time to create new ones.
      This morning, clear sky, the moon was still up at six o'clock. Everything's covered by a white snow blanket. Really pretty.

  2. Pretty kitchen!
    Wow show more please.

  3. "dark tatters of high fog." Love that phrase

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, dear Merisi!
    Warm greetings from very wet New York.

  5. As ever love the posts, the pictures, and this great phrase : "mostly innubilious"

  6. Beautiful words and pictures!


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