Monday 7 October 2013

Looking up in Klimt's Neighborhood
Autumn in Vienna

Wilder Wein
or Virginia Creeper?

I have not figured out
which tree, but love the golden leaves

On the other side of the street,
trees still in summer finery

Which is prettier,
the tree or the façade?

Blue-green foliage of weeping spruce
and blue painted window grids

Photographed Saturday morning
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Both the trees and the facades delight!
    Early autumn is one of my favorite seasons.
    Claudia is in Vienna now helping take down the Linda McCartney exhibition which I gather was very successful. I'm just looking at your sidebar (sigh!)

  2. Beautiful red vines, yellow leaves and blue window grids. I admire Klimt's art.

  3. I couldn't choose between the foliage or the facade...but if I had to, I'd go with nature! That first picture, especially, is spectacular!

  4. Honestly, with building facades that look like delicate cake decorations, how can one live in such a city and not think of eating delectable pastries all the time?

  5. Merisi, the notion that Virginia Creeper might be attaching itself to beautiful Viennese walls amuses me.

    October light really is a precious annual gift.


  6. So much autumnal and architectural beauty! A feast for the eyes and sense:)

  7. those vines are gorgeous on that building.

  8. Beautiful images, my favorite is the last one...

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful, Merisi ... each and every one is truly a work of art!

  10. Another favourite...Klimt is one of my favourite artists:) I enjoyed looking at your photographs of his surroundings.


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