Saturday 31 August 2013

Vienna in Summer
Meadows and Larks ascending

Into the Vienna Woods
View of Vienna's 14th District
from "Roter Berg" in the 13th District

Roter Berg
Meadows and Woods
13th District

Community Gardens
Roter Berg

Bike at Rest
Roter Berg

One of my favourite spots of Roter Berg:
Over these meadows, if you are lucky,
you can observe a good dozen of larks rising
and listen to their song - it's mesmerising

The Lark Ascending
Tone poem by Ralph Vaughan Williams
"At sight of sun, her music's mirth,
As up he wings the spiral stair,
A song of light, and pierces air 
With fountain ardour, fountain play,
To reach the shining tops of day,
And drink in everything discerned
An ecstasy to music turned,
Impelled by what his happy bill 
Disperses; drinking, showering still, 
Unthinking save that he may give 
His voice the outlet, there to live 
Renewed in endless notes of glee, 
So thirsty of his voice is he, 
For all to hear and all to know 
That he is joy, awake, aglow; 
The tumult of the heart to hear 
Through pureness filtered crystal-clear, 
And know the pleasure sprinkled bright 
By simple singing of delight ..." 
 Quoted from "The Lark Ascending" 
by George Meredith

Repost 31 August 2013 - Serendipity:
Listening to Classical WETA 90.9 FM this morning, there it was,
Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Lark Ascending,
performed and conducted by Christopher Warren-Green


  1. Great post, beautiful photos:) Greetings

  2. I love love love the bike pic. I want to frame it even.

  3. Lovely captures, wonderful words for the day, Merisi!! Wishing you a beautiful and delightful weekend!

  4. I'd like to get out in the country today, but I few it's arleady in the 90s and humid as the bottom of a lake.

  5. Elizabeth Goudge mentions larks ascending more than once in her novels; it's a particular joyous pleasure I've not yet had the opportunity to observe in person. Evidently there are no larks where I live.

  6. Ein schöner Bericht von dir. Grüße aus dem Gebirge, Ernestus

  7. The Larks Ascending was the perfect accompaniment to your photos. Looks like a delightful place to visit. One day....

  8. Merisi, thank you for this gift of visual and musical beauty as I work my way through what some think of as Labor Day holiday weekend.

    When I do get time for a rest, I'll return to listen to the music as I linger over your photographs. xo

  9. Very pretty! I see you on FB and I think...I should leave a comment and then I think, oh I will have time to got to blog later and then poof the day is over. I am trying so hard to play catch up. Have a great week~

  10. I especially love the sunflower field. :-)

  11. Evening summer breeze
    Warbling of a meadowlark
    Moonlight in Vermont...
    -Ella Fitzgerald


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