Friday 7 June 2013

What to do on a rainy Day in Vienna
Reasons to smile when the Sky is grey

Have lunch
with roses
Pfarrwirt, Heiligenstadt
19th District

Go where the skies
blankets are blue

Explore small
side streets

Photographed 5 June 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

L i n k s
-> Pfarrwirt Homepage
-> Esstisch, Spiegelgasse 7


  1. I'm probably not the first to say, your photographs are totally merisi-mising

  2. All four scenes and images make me smile!

  3. This place look so cute! :D How do you find these beautiful places so well?!

  4. Certain colors look so different on misty or rainy days. You've shown such lovely examples here. The final photograph is simply elegant!

    Raining here now too, and more due tomorrow. Wonder if I could find any turquoise blankets or chairs when my umbrella and I go for a walk later on today?


  5. What a fabulous place to live!! How beautiful!

  6. We've been getting regular rainy days here but there's usually a few hours of nice weather.

  7. One nice thing about a rainy day, as you have so ably demonstrated here, is how colours pop against the slate grey of skies and cement.

  8. Sometimes doing things on a rainy day is far more interesting than when the weather is sunny.
    There are great photo ops and few people to get in the way.
    Enjoy your weekend Merisi.

  9. Anonymous08 June, 2013

    I especially love the first photo with the roses.

  10. Vienna was charming in the rain but is BLISS in the sunshine!

  11. I know Esstisch and Café Eskeles VERY WELL!! I´m spending a lot of time in this street ;-)


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