Tuesday 18 June 2013

No more waiting for Sunrise
Morning in the City

Coffee Melange
Just another Saturday
morning in Vienna

with a good book,
a second cup of coffee, and the

Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister
marching by, playing a tune
right out of history books,

the very moment I open
the first chapter - "Vienna, 1913-1914" -
of William Boyd's novel "Waiting for Sunrise"

-> History of the Hoch- und Deutschmeister:
"In 1696 Franz-Ludwig, Count Palatine of the Rhein, Duke of Neuberg, authorized the "Hoch- und Teutschmeister" regiment .... This is considered to be the formal birth of the Hoch- und Deutschmeister line, possibly the proudest name in Imperial Austria's military history."
-> Website of the Hoch- und Deutschmeister Orchestra
-> Pas Grand-Chose: Karen's review of Boyd's "Waiting for Sunrise"

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Like a time warp . . . I would so have liked to be there to see and hear the parade and be thrown back to times before my time. So civilised to watch it over perfect cup of coffee.

  2. How I would love to be sitting in a Viennese cafe, drinking an espresso, watching the parade, with the anticipation of a good book to read... Bliss!

  3. Anonymous18 June, 2013

    Great picture!

  4. Ah, yes! I would love to be there, too!! Bliss indeed!

  5. Anonymous18 June, 2013

    Sounds like a good Saturday.

  6. I love all your photos but there is something really special about your cups of coffee. And today a interest book too.

  7. I never tire of looking at your coffee shots!


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