Friday 14 June 2013

Coffee, anyone?
Alsergrund's Caffé Milano

Some dreams
come true

A perfect cup
of espresso macchiato

that could well be the best
north of the border

Indulge in
some quiet
contemplation -

The rest of the day
will have to wait

Photographed at Caffé Milano
Währinger Strasse
9th District (Alsergrund)
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. How delicious that macchiato looks, and also a delicious day at the caffe!

  2. They should hang one of your photos on that wall.

  3. Oh, that does look SO delicious!! Wish I could have a cup right now!! But your pics are the next best thing -- they stimulate the imagination and I can almost taste it! Have a great weekend, Merisi!!

  4. Yes the reste of the day will have to wait !!!
    Et j'aime deviner la vie à Vienne au travers de tes photos!!!
    Bonne fin de semaine !

  5. Oh Merisi, your coffee just puts my watery brew to shame! Inviting photographs- with I were there! Hello from Puerto Rico - where it is a crime to not make a good cup of local coffee and I am currently a criminal!

  6. Everyone with their laptops. We can go out and still do our own thing.

    1. Alfred Polgar, an Austrian writer and intellectual, once described the typical Viennese coffee house goer as someone who wants to be alone, but needs companionship to truly enjoy it. ;-)

  7. I am jealous over your espresso macchiato. I have to make an effort to get a good espresso. I do not have a wonderful coffee house nearby!

  8. Love the photo of the 500 above the pensive guy.


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